Friday, December 16, 2011

Keep Coming Back, It works if you Work It

I have to say that I am shocked. At first I thought it was suprise. But really, it is shocked. I am shocked because over the last few weeks of Jack's "episode" of not involving in the family, crass comments, usual stuff has resulted in a different response from me. I let him be in that place. I didn't try to stop it, I didn't try to fix it, I didn't try to control it. I continued to act the way I would any other day. And it was WONDERFUL! I truly learned what it meant to detach. I've struggled so hard with that word, that verb, that process, everything about detachment has seemed impossible to me. However, It really Worked!!! Just like they say in Al-Anon - Keep Coming Back, It Works if you Work It and we Work It because We're WORTH It!
It even seemed to have a good effect on the kids. What a blessing to finally see progress in ME! And the situation resolved itself like always, only I didn't have all those bad feelings of guilt, shame, self-doubt. What a relief!
I only wish everyone who lives with an alcoholic could see that light of hope - even for a moment.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I trust God

Trust in the Lord with All your heart. Lean not on your own understanding. I repeat this verse to myself when I can't bear to get through one more day. I trust in God, I trust His plan, and even though I can't see through the drama, the alcoholism, the pain, I know God is still here, right beside me, holding me in the palm of His hand. This weekend has really stunk from the perspective of what alcoholism is doing to Jack, but it has shown me what I trust. I can't trust man, but I trust God.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

He said, she said, he doesn't remember...

I don't know what to say, so I'll just let my mind go. Today it came to Jack's attention that he is having blackouts. I suspected it, but today in a conversation, he stated that he didn't remember anything that happened last night, not the words he said, not the actions he did, not the hurtful things that happened. None of it. And I believe it. I asked some other questions about other instances that have been happening since the whole latest cycle of drama have occured, and he didn't remember any of them happening. He then said he told me a few weeks ago that a good event that had happened, that we had talked about, that he didn't remember that either. When he said at the time he didn't remember it, it was like he was teasing me. Like he was playing. And he let me believe that then.
I guess this is a good sign, that I'm truly not crazy. That sometimes when it feels like we are living in two different lives, yet in the same house, family, area...that we are. I have the life where I can see and hear what goes on, and he doesn't. No wonder on top of the alcoholism, that he thinks differently about nearly every encounter our family has together than I do. I know what's going on. Sadly, this is only going to get worse until he realizes what is causing this problem. He's still blaming it on some medication, and that could have some effect. However, I think a lifetime of daily drinking 8-10 beers is probably the true cause.
We shall see what God has planned. I trust Him because He never leaves me nor forgets me. Thank goodness He is in control, cause I'm not capable of fixing this for sure!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Houston, we have a problem...

Well, as I guessed in my last post, here we are again. Stuck in this bad place of denial, delusion, misperceptions, and insanity. Luckily I'm not as wrapped up in it this time, and I feel much better. It starts with a cranky mood, and spirals from there. I swear there is another person inhabiting Jack's brain. Actually, I think it is just the alcohol slowly eating away at the brain he has, and he now doesn't act like himself. It is sad, really. I'm feeling better knowing that in reality, God is in control of this situation, He already knows the outcome, and we will all be okay. I just have a hard time wrapping my mind around how there seem to be two different lives...his and everyone else's. He's constantly ripping off how he imagines everyone thinking about the most trivial things, like the kids left some clothes that were too small for them in the hall for 3 days - in a box, not scattered. You would have thought that I personally wanted to cut off his right arm. It was that serious of a matter to him. Way blown out of proportion. I made a mistake though. I responded and tried to defend them. When I tried to calmly talk to him for two days, he'd refuse to get off the computer (porn) and converse with me. Finally when I asked to talk, he said all I did was question him, so I just decided to speak honestly, but not with any blame to tell him how I was feeling, that I felt worried with his health issues that he was drinking too much. Yeah, that got me a tirade about how just because you accidentally bump someone, or break something, that doesn't make it okay when you say you are sorry. I'm not sure how those two topics tie together, but okay...that was bothering him. After his little freakout about that, he clammed back up, and went on to ignore me.
I'm not going to lie, even with all the healthy things I'm doing....detachment, al-anon meetings, reading good books on alcoholism, I am scared for his health and safety. He drinks about 8-10 16-oz. beers every night, and sometimes more. He has to know that he is slowly killing himself. Maybe that is what he thinks will help him feel better, I don't know. I guess I'm glad I'm on the outside of the inside looking in rather than in that place myself. I'm sure God is tired of hearing my prayers, but I really think only God can intervene in this situation. How does anyone face this crap life throws at us without God? I don't know, but I sure couldn't.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Here we go again

If anyone thinks they know alcoholism, and don't think it is a cycle of insanity, they are wrong or lying to you. Late Saturday started what is a typical downward spiral. At least I can recognize that now - and not take it personally. When I can slow down and think. I have to remember to not react, but to act after thinking. I'm so glad Alanon has helped me to get my head better. We did have a wonderful vacation and I was able to enjoy that when it was happening and have good memories from it. But now here we are in the thick of things again. Please pray, or send good thoughts, whatever it is you do. I really wish he could see the life he is missing out on. I also think the progression of alcoholism is happening. He has become so forgetful and cranky that he can't remember anythihng and focus on anything. Well there's the porn. He can sure focus on that. I guess I need to be thankful it's on the computer and not the television where we all have to live.

Monday, July 25, 2011

It's been a long time

It is HOT here. So hot. Even on vacation it was HOT. Today was the first day back to work, and apparently, we're going through a bit of a rough patch. However, I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing and that is to trust God in all things. I can't control what Jack gets ticked off about, and I really don't think that most of the time it's even worthy of spending time being ticked about. I guess that's where our opinions are God has been beside me all the time, and I'm not going to stop trusting him now. Please be thinking about both Jack and I. We're both suffering some tummy troubles, not the same ones, but it is hard on the body and the mind when this happens. He even called the dr. today. That's how I know it is serious for him. I'm going to keep trusting. Keep believing what is true, and I'm going to check the moon phase because about 3/4 of the time, that is usually a good predictor of the behavior that will follow. Hope you are enjoying the summer and staying cool.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wow, a Week later, and God is still in Control

I come here today, to remind myself what is true. Again. It is really work to keep up with re-programming your mind to hear truth, and to reject lies. If I choose to believe lies, I will feel overwhelmed, fearful, sad, angry and rejected. If I choose to belive truth, I feel safe, confident, powerful in God's spirit, whole and loved beyond measure. God showed me again, that he is in control. And sometimes that means being obedient to him by waiting for HIM to work. Not for something I can do, or I am capable of, but something only He can do, and I need to get out of His way. His way is Truth, Light, and Love. May I continue to believe the truth, and may you also. God is good all the time. All the time, God is good.
God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A list

Okay, I've been trying to post more, but today has been hard, so I'm going to post some things I'm thankful for...try to get a perspective.
1. The sun has been making an appearance and has actually been feeling a bit more like spring. Very good.
2. I read a book today that confirmed at a spiritual level what I've been learning and embracing in Al-Anon. Wow -God is good!
3. I'm thankful for friends who pray and put water in my bucket.
4. The kiddos are mostly happy and loving, and it feels good to hug them.
5. The response of my husband to me is not necessarily a true reflection on my worth as a person, or human.
6. My family is amazing.
7. Tomorrow is another day, one full of new mercies.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

He's Still There

The day started out as so many wondering if I'd done something wrong, if I had done this or said that, would Jack still be sleeping in the other room. Then I remembered to focus on what is true, what is real. What world I really live in. I talked myself out of the responsibilty when I have none - it isn't my fault, he spends so much time on p(o)rn because it is the easiest, most direct way to avoid human contact to get the endorphins flowing in his disfunctoinal, alcohol-soaked brain. There is nothing I could so, say, or think that would make it any different.
So I went to church. Still believing that God is here, that I'm not alone.
When I got to church, I was running late, as usual. I went inside as the first song ended, got my bulletin, and noticed that someone had written on it. It said "God is in Control." I thought, wow, that is just what I needed to be reminded of today. How cool that they are writing on the bulletins, must be because of Lent. Only, as I looked around, and later as people were leaving, I noticed NO other bulletins had writing on them. Only mine.
I am thankful today for the ways God works. Mysterious, quietly, loudly, amazingly. Just what I needed for the day.
Thank you God. I am not alone.

Monday, March 7, 2011

It's Awfully Quiet Here

We have been given a reprieve. We have 5 days of peace, as Jack is traveling for business. It was so nice to have a night of sleep where no one was trapesing through the bedroom to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes because he was drunk, and while in there singing or yelling, and for the topper, telling me he HATED ME (Capitalization his, not mine). What peace. What a lovely feeling of peace. But you know what - I still miss the man who I married, the one who had hidden his drinking from me for years. That man I miss. The alcoholic, I don't. So, for this few days, I will read to my heart's content, I will bask in the peace and watch any chick show on Style or TLC, and be joyful. I will see the joy in each moment. It.Is.There.

Monday, February 28, 2011

I am Weary

I am weary. I started this blog to write about my feelings. To get things out instead of stuffing them. I've been less than regular with my postings. I may be on a new all time high by posting 2 x in the same week. Today I am weary. I am tired of facing alcoholism and all of its inherent crap. I'm tired of taking care of things that I should be able to share with Jack. I'm tired of being thoughtful when I really want to scream. But really - who would I scream at? What would I scream for? Who would hear me? I feel like the answer is no one. No one who could do anything about the problems will hear me. I am trying to work on myself, to accept him where he is right now, and to just focus on what I contribute to the problems. But I'm tired. When you hear about the analogy of your heart being like a bucket, and some people drain your bucket and some people fill it up, I feel like my bucket is EMPTY. I love my children, they are wonderful, the delight of my life, but I am EMPTY. Please higher power, please fill me up.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Want to Change for Me

Part of the Serenity prayer is to change the things I can. I've come to the conclusion that I want to change. I don't want to be dependent on the whims and moods of an alcoholic who lives in a reality that is altered from what is true and what is real. I vow to take steps to get better for me and for the kids. I will go to counseling because it helps me. I will go to Al-Anon because it is healthy and good for me to share and hear what is shared by people who really understand this hard and seemingly endless walk.
I also want to accept the things I cannot change. I cannot change how Jack acts. I can only change my reactions to him. I cannot change the way Jack sees the world. He lives in a different plane that the rest of the world. I've come to know some pretty amazing people in Al-anon and because of this struggle. They have helped me to get stronger in my own skin. I am thankful for each of those people.
I pray for the wisdom to continue seeing the difference between what I can change and what I can't.
Most of all, I PRAY for WHATEVER.IT.TAKES. for God to heal Jack to happen. as soon as possible would be my first choice, but I know God's timing is perfect. Just for today, I have to trust.

Accepting the things I cannot Change

It seems like what all the books say are true. Alcoholism is a progressive disease. They say that the mean things the alcoholic says are really aimed at himself. If that is true, he must be feeling pretty horrible. How do I stay on God's side of compassionate, and not be reactive and hurt? It is a hard walk.
Jack says one thing then acts the opposite. He says he doesn't fit in the family, when he's the one who is separating himself. This is truth. Regardless of the chaos going on in his head, the truth is still the truth. I hope I can always see it. Even when it is hard. Today - IT.IS.HARD. Progression is not fun. I've changed my prayer to whatever it takes, God, to heal him of his pain and alcoholism. I pray that today, fervently. I pray that God will do whatever it takes to heal him. Before it's too late. I'm going to continue working my program, doing what is good for the family, even if he doesn't like it. So he sleeps in the other room. If I'm honest with myself, I sleep better. There are lots of books that say infidelity goes with lots of alcoholics. I am one of those lucky winners too. Just more hurt coming out to hurt more people. What I can change, I will change, what I cannot change, I accept; and I pray that I have the wisdom to know the difference.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Still Seeing the Good

You know, there is all of this talk of you see what you look for, and I'm starting to believe it. When I focus on negative, I see negative. When I focus on the postive, that's what I find. It is such a relief to know that. Even though it's cold outside, I feel amazingly blessed - warm inside. It is a wonderful and new feeling. May this find you seeing the good too.