Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Houston, we have a problem...

Well, as I guessed in my last post, here we are again. Stuck in this bad place of denial, delusion, misperceptions, and insanity. Luckily I'm not as wrapped up in it this time, and I feel much better. It starts with a cranky mood, and spirals from there. I swear there is another person inhabiting Jack's brain. Actually, I think it is just the alcohol slowly eating away at the brain he has, and he now doesn't act like himself. It is sad, really. I'm feeling better knowing that in reality, God is in control of this situation, He already knows the outcome, and we will all be okay. I just have a hard time wrapping my mind around how there seem to be two different lives...his and everyone else's. He's constantly ripping off how he imagines everyone thinking about the most trivial things, like the kids left some clothes that were too small for them in the hall for 3 days - in a box, not scattered. You would have thought that I personally wanted to cut off his right arm. It was that serious of a matter to him. Way blown out of proportion. I made a mistake though. I responded and tried to defend them. When I tried to calmly talk to him for two days, he'd refuse to get off the computer (porn) and converse with me. Finally when I asked to talk, he said all I did was question him, so I just decided to speak honestly, but not with any blame to tell him how I was feeling, that I felt worried with his health issues that he was drinking too much. Yeah, that got me a tirade about how just because you accidentally bump someone, or break something, that doesn't make it okay when you say you are sorry. I'm not sure how those two topics tie together, but okay...that was bothering him. After his little freakout about that, he clammed back up, and went on to ignore me.
I'm not going to lie, even with all the healthy things I'm doing....detachment, al-anon meetings, reading good books on alcoholism, I am scared for his health and safety. He drinks about 8-10 16-oz. beers every night, and sometimes more. He has to know that he is slowly killing himself. Maybe that is what he thinks will help him feel better, I don't know. I guess I'm glad I'm on the outside of the inside looking in rather than in that place myself. I'm sure God is tired of hearing my prayers, but I really think only God can intervene in this situation. How does anyone face this crap life throws at us without God? I don't know, but I sure couldn't.

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