Monday, October 12, 2009

Seeing it play out

I have been reading a lot about secondary alcohol disease, and the progression of alcoholism if untreated in the alcoholic. While it is scary to think about, it is also empowering to see that the changes, the patterns of behavior, the cycles, are part of a disease. Although it is still hard - sometimes I get sucked in to the game of blaming me for the alcoholics problems, knowledge of the disease is power. I saw what was happening, and I stopped. I remembered where my boundaries were. It was amazing. I stopped the panic, the fear. It had now power over me. Thank you Toby Rice Drews for your insightful words and your belief that we shouldn't blame the family. Check out this website: . Although I don't think the title is so accurate - unless (as I've just had a revelation...) it is referring to getting the "family" sober. Hmmm, maybe I just had an epiphany! As we can not get them sober - but we can control our own "sobriety." This has been a big help to me. May it also be to you! God is still in control. Thank goodness! Have a great fall day