Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's a Great Day in the Neighborhood

I've been such a bad blogger.  It's been almost 2 months or more since I've written anything.  And now, summer is almost over. I was thinking this morning that God has been so good, and I need to recognize that "out loud" or in writing.
Nothing is perfect, but things are more calm on many fronts.  After a mission trip with Maggie and Abby, and LT on his own mission trip that left Jack and the wonder-dog home alone, we've had good days.  Not alcohol-free days by any means, but good days, nonetheless.  Before that were some good days as well.  We've survived a visit from my in-laws (a first in 6 years!!), a job being secured by Abby, the promise of a driving permit for LT, and tennis lessons for Maggie. Wow, and it's only the end of July!!
I love to see what God is doing.  He's working on our family.  Perhaps not as quickly as I'd like, but I do see progress.  After summer school, LT has his grades up to where he could be eligible for some scholarships - that would be WONDERFUL!  And Abby and Maggie are working well together as Abby prepares for her new job.  Abby's mom is not being particularly fabulous at the moment, but that's pretty typical. 
Our mission trip was fantastic.  We had great weather (warmer at home than on a tropical island!), no rain, great friends made and a blessing of worship at their local church.  I love when we can shout to the hills and worship my God!
The sunset tonight was so beautiful.  I hope I can find a photo of it to share.  I'll even post a second time today if I find it!
Please pray for my mama. She'll be having knee replacement surgery in the coming days.  I know she needs it, but it's scary to see that your mom isn't indestructable.  I just tell her she's coming out as Wonder Woman, 2.0.
God's blessings to you.