Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Here we go again

If anyone thinks they know alcoholism, and don't think it is a cycle of insanity, they are wrong or lying to you. Late Saturday started what is a typical downward spiral. At least I can recognize that now - and not take it personally. When I can slow down and think. I have to remember to not react, but to act after thinking. I'm so glad Alanon has helped me to get my head better. We did have a wonderful vacation and I was able to enjoy that when it was happening and have good memories from it. But now here we are in the thick of things again. Please pray, or send good thoughts, whatever it is you do. I really wish he could see the life he is missing out on. I also think the progression of alcoholism is happening. He has become so forgetful and cranky that he can't remember anythihng and focus on anything. Well there's the porn. He can sure focus on that. I guess I need to be thankful it's on the computer and not the television where we all have to live.

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