Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A list

Okay, I've been trying to post more, but today has been hard, so I'm going to post some things I'm thankful for...try to get a perspective.
1. The sun has been making an appearance and has actually been feeling a bit more like spring. Very good.
2. I read a book today that confirmed at a spiritual level what I've been learning and embracing in Al-Anon. Wow -God is good!
3. I'm thankful for friends who pray and put water in my bucket.
4. The kiddos are mostly happy and loving, and it feels good to hug them.
5. The response of my husband to me is not necessarily a true reflection on my worth as a person, or human.
6. My family is amazing.
7. Tomorrow is another day, one full of new mercies.

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