Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's a Full Moon, Mabel

Image found at: Starry Nightsky Events

As per usual, the interesting and odd are going on.  The full moon seems to really influence Jack.  One minute he's crazy quiet, nothing to say; the next, he says we're going away for the weekend.  Alone.  It shocked me, but all I could think to myself was, "well, let's go with this.  It's good.  It may not last, but this can be a good opportunity.  Be glad and grab it."
On the down side, he forgets eating something and yells at the kids for eating it all.  We have converstations and he says the next day - You never told me that.  I'd like to scream sometimes, but I know it won't do any good.

There is a cycle, that's for sure.  Every full moon, it seems.  Lucky for me, there are two this month!


  1. The full moon...that's it! My ex has suddenly decided that I'm his buddy and we should lunch to discuss things. I thought it was an alien invasion, but this makes more sense. (Don't worry...I see through it. I know that it just means that he needs something. Something related to money. I'm entering the friend zone with caution.)
    Can't wait to hear about your time away alone. I hope you have some good moments.

  2. Go out on the back porch and howl, really loud at the full moon. Make Jack wonder what is going on with you--instead of you always wondering about him--HAH!!!