Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Here you go, God....I am giving to you

These days, it almost seems like Jack is the least of my worries.  LT is giving us all kinds of fits, as he is going through the whole teenage thing, trying to find his way in the world.  Worst of all is his LYING.  It makes me crazy.  Last night I resorted to trying to find a book to help me know what to do.  Ironically, it said that teenage boys sometimes lie when they feel they are controlled and can't do anything, so they lie to get to do something.  While that seems backward to me, since we are very careful to reward good behavior with his choice of activities and restrict with bad behavior, choices etc. I can understand how he can think that.  Sometimes Jack's desire to control things makes me nuts, even when I have my Al-Anon thinking on high-alert.  I gave LT up to God last night, said I know HE loves LT even more than I do, and I can't fix this.  I can only encourage, guide and not let him have access to anything electronic for a bit.  When will these children learn that Mom ALWAYS finds out everything.  At least the sun is out today.  That can go a long way to making things better.  I have to learn to live and let LT live, as he has a lot of responibility for his choices right now.  But I am also letting go and letting God.


  1. Oh how I remember those teen age years with my kids. My oldest two practically drove ME to drink. My younger two saw the results of the older two bad choices and were angels. I always was glad I had more kids then just the older two :-)

  2. I keep a photo of them @ age 2 & 4 at my desk so I remember that they weren't always teenagers :o). They are really good children, and the lying isn't even about something life-threatening - it's just the lying!! WHY???!! Ugh! I agree, sometimes I'd like to have a nice big Margarita!