Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This has no title....hmmm

It feels so strange to come home to a house with only the kids and dog.  To know that whatever has happened during the day, it will be peaceful.  I do miss Jack, though.  I miss the man I married.  But I'm never sure he's the one who will be home when I get here.  Random thoughts today.  One day at a time, and today I will delight in my peace.
Al-anon is today, but I'm not going to work, so I'll miss it.  I love the people there, those I know only by their first names, those who understand what life is like, those who have helped me find joy and peace, those who have helped me grow.  I'm so thankful for them.  I hope if you are reading this and you have an alcoholic in your past or present, find a meeting today.  It truly will change your life - FOR THE BETTER!

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  1. I think you love the memory of the man you married--rather then the real life one--I went through that. Kept waiting for him to go back to being that guy--never happened.