Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Seven Things

Seven things, in no particular order, about nothing in particular:
1.  I have a friend who turned 60 today.  She neither looks nor acts 60, and 60 doesn't seem as old as it did when I was 20.
2.  The sun should make a daily appearance during winter.  Where do I make that request?
3.  I want to spend all day at home with our best dog, and match her routine - sleep for sleep. 
4.  God sometimes shows us amazing things through our friends, who are sometimes closer than family.
5.  Republican candidates for president are making our president look better and better. 
6. The fact that I typed that last sentence AND believe it, saddens me.
7.  I would like some frozen custard.  It makes everything better.


  1. I wish the candidates would quit fighting amongst themselves and stick to how they are going to help our country!!! AND--I also have put in a request for some sunshine!! I hate the thought of February!!