Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sometimes You Need To Step Back

It seems like ofen times, we get so caught up in our life's drama, the chaos surrounding our family, our alcoholic, others, that we see only a small portion of our world. We see the problems or trials we face as so large - looming over every thought, action, feeling, intruding on all aspects of our life. At times, what we really need to do when feeling overwhelmed, is to step back. See if the things we are seeing as so large are really so important on the grand scheme of life. I have come to find that there is no cloud so dark that God can not see through it. I just have to look toward my God - the light that shines in the darkness. And at times, it feels trite, but it is TRUE. Thank you for family and friends who help to shine God's light. May you see the sky through whatever cloud is obscuring the truth.

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