Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Let's get caught up

So after a ridiculously long dry spell, I reappear.   It's been a wet, weird summer.  Mostly a good summer, but wet.  Ick.  So to catch everyone up, school is over, LT stayed out west for work and still loves it.  He did a great job in school, and continues to make this mama proud.  Maggie is a very good teenager, and sometime drives me nutty, but is headed into her senior year, and we've been traveling the state looking at colleges. Abby is on her own vacation, and thankfully, seems to be enjoying that too.  So glad for some time home alone with Jack.  Isn't that a surprise? 
We've had a good summer so far, even going on our own vacation, sans children, the first ever.  It was delightful and I now want to move to the mountains of Alaska.  I realize that isn't a real possibility at this moment, but still, I was moved to tears by the beauty of that place.  Simply beyond words, and photos don't even remotely do it justice. 
My work continues to be the same, but I've come to a better place with it.  Part of it may be that I've been at the same place for nearly 10 years, and that is the longest I've ever done anything, except parent and drive.  There's some perspective for you.  I apparently have a whole lot of quit in me.  Ha ha.
Celebrated 50 years of marriage for my parents a few weeks ago.  What an incredible and awesome achievement.  I am so proud to have parents that still love each other, and even went on a quick week adventure to celebrate.
That's the quick recap.  Hope you have a great day, and that it is summer day with sunshine!
thank you to: http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee120/JustAnEngineer/Alaska/Denali/IMG_2364.jpg


  1. Sounds like every thing is going well. We were slated to make the Alaskan trip in 1968, via road trip, up through the Canadian Rockies and onward. GM had a strike that year and we never did make it to Alaska. I know I would love it and want to move their immediately!! Other places I have visited have moved me to tears also, Grand Tetons National Park, Mt. Rushmore, The Outer Banks of NC and Niagara Falls. Nice that we have those moments. :-)

  2. Glad you got a grown ups only vacation and had a nice summer.

    The kids all seem to be doing well and that's a blessing!

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  4. We lead such parallel lives. Everything that you say sparks something for me.
    LoverBoy is in his senior year and will leave for college in the fall. I am so excited for him. But since MonoBoy recently moved in with his dad, I'm sad for me. I've always said that I would leave when they both graduated. But now I am faced with being alone and never seeing MonoBoy for a year. He never even visits me. I won't leave, though. I won't abandon him. I will sit here in this hell-hole of a town until he is done. Just in case he needs me.
    But all I want to do is go somewhere far, far away. Alaska could be could...

  5. Sounds like every thing is going well. We were slated to make the Alaskan trip in 1968,


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