Friday, May 16, 2014

What I've Learned So Far

And now, after talking with a sweet friend I've thought of some other things.  It's a good thing, since I've 50 more to go...
51.  Take what you want and leave the rest.  I don't have to take it all personally and to heart.  Listen, think, then act.
52.  It is always in my best interest to choose my actions rather than react to a situation.
53.  Time spent with my children is never wasted.
54.  I've learned that I LOVE Yoga, and so do my pants.  The yoga pants were very excited by their first trip!  I love that I have learned to shut out the world and just quiet my brain for that hour.  What a gift!
55.  Once upon a time, I was an athlete, with an athlete's body.  That time has passed.
56.  I love to hear my children laugh.  Especially together.
57.  I don't ever want to treat a stranger nicer than I treat my family.
58.  When I listen to KLove - invariably I will hear a song that hits me right where I need to feel it.  God is so good!
59.  I will never be able to stand the smell of Obsession for men by CK.  It makes me physically sick.  There is a truth to that whole smell triggering memories.
60. Rain is good, and we needed it.  Enough for now, so please return the sun to it's previous condition.  Thank you.  Just as a reminder, here is what it looks like:

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  1. I have that same reaction to Polo, men's cologne!