Wednesday, May 7, 2014

90 more to go

With my 100th post celebration yesterday, I may have gotten a little carried away with thinking I have 100 "pearls of wisdom" to share with the world.  But I am feeling spunky, so onward we go.  In the interest of linking up to Pour Your Heart Out on Things I Can't Say, I'm reaching back to some things I learned long ago, about my kids.

  • 11.  While the two sets of genes that started out together are the same, the way they get rearranged into a child are NEVER the same.  Siblings may start from the same parents, but oh how differently they can come out.
  • 12.  Sharpie will eventually come off the side of a portable dishwasher.  And also a 2 year old's arm.  Eventually.
  • 13.  Never leave your *e-bay account logged in with a 4 year old around.  He can and may purchase an electric train for himself.  How he can find that when he can't spell is still a mystery to me.  I mean theoretically speaking, of course.
  • 14.  The look of your first born when he first meets his baby sister may break your heart all over again as he wonders who is in HIS spot - there in your arms.
  • 15.  Once in a lifetime, birthday cake for breakfast is okay.
  • 16.  Have someone else take a picture of you with your children when they are young.  If you are always holding the camera, you will never have a photo of yourself with your babies (although this may be slightly showing my age, in the era of the "selfie").
  • 17.  Never underestimate the power of Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • 18.  After learning something in pre-school, it's always good to test it out in practice.  Say you learned about first-responders in class.  You wonder if you dial 911, do they really come?  They will come to check on you if you hang up.  Really.  
  • 19.  It does take a village to raise caring children.
  • 20.  The best memories never involved my phone or a text.

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  1. These last two posts are very thought provoking, yet sweet, tender and teaching. Thanks for your help to me--I am at 326--for 1 year. I guess I blab a lot, LOL

  2. I love your list! It's so true that kids can have the exact same parents and yet be so very different from each other!