Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Things Do Get Better

After a few days, and following through with my decision to stay true to who I am, and not get caught up in the crazy, life is back to a pleasant and peaceful pace.  For which, I'm eternally grateful and acknowledge the help my higher power has been, and continues to be in this situation, and in my life.
We did regular stuff over the weekend, including (my crazy idea), getting a real tree, and putting it up.  It's beautiful, I've missed having one, and Jack even commented on how glad he was that I suggested it.  It feels a bit more like Christmas, and it sure smells like it now!
Weather is finally becoming more December-like.  Which translates to COLD.  But that's okay. I really like the change in seasons.  Although, the shortening sunlight, not so much.

There is hope in finding things that make me happy during the holidays.  It feels so much better.


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  1. Live trees are wonderful--even if only for their smell. Fill your house with Christmas and light and maybe that will put Jack in a better mood? Love you, my Friend. XXOO