Friday, December 15, 2017

It Feels Good to Be Me

I celebrated a big (to me) birthday last month.  It ends with 0 and starts with 5.  While I still don't feel like "50" whatever that even means, I do feel like I'm making some good strides toward just being myself.  There are big changes at work, and normally I would be freaking out.  But I just do my best to do what I can each day, and carry on.  Yesterday, in particular, I left feeling tired, as it was a crazy busy day, but I felt peaceful.  It was a tremendously wonderful feeling.

Maggie is having dental surgery today.  Please keep her in your thoughts.  I know she'll be fine, but anytime your babies have to have medical procedures, I think mamas are a little apprehensive, at least.

Hope we see some snow soon.  I like how fresh and clean everything looks with new snow.

This is a bit random, but I wanted to get the thoughts out of my head.  Thanks for "listening" or reading, as the case may be. 


  1. 50? I shudder to think how ravaged with age you must be!! 50? Life is just about to get good!! We have 12" of snow on the ground--may I send you some?

  2. i'd say you are 25 times 2...that sounds marvelous!! i am almost done with my 50's and they were awesome, i really adored them!!

    we don't have any snow right now, it was 80's degrees yesterday here at the jersey shore, today it is 40. talk about a free roller coaster ride!!!

    how thrilled i was to read your comment this morning, such a kind offering of help. i will try to meet with my knitting teacher (she is the bomb) and get though it i guess. time is a factor, my niece is due in 8 weeks and my knitting teacher has a JOB, how dare she is not available all the time!!!

    nice to meet you!!

  3. i enjoyed seeing your cast of characters on your sidebar!!!

  4. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your fifth decade. It's a good one. Wishing you wonderful health and lots of fun.

    I'd like a good snow before spring, too. We've had spring-like weather this past week, but it's supposed to get colder. We'll see.

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