Tuesday, December 23, 2014

This About Sums it Up

So today, I ran across this post: Don't Roll Into the Holiday 'Till You Read This.  It says EXACTLY what I've needed to hear.  I've been really struggling with the holidays, for years actually, and this year I about went over the edge when Jack spat at me that LT couldn't stay with us for his entire Christmas break from school.  Instead of just talking to me about it, in his typical Passive/Aggressive way, said something vague and then I was supposed to interpret what that meant.  After tiring of his cold shoulder routine, I guess he finally was tired of acting like that too, and decided to talk to me.  Now, I can understand that he doesn't want to have the entire month long period being stressed for everyone, and by everyone, he means him and Abby, but we can have LT here several times, just no more than 3-4 days at a time.
Really?  I try not to be too bitchy about things that go on in the insanity circle that is the alcoholic family dynamic, but this isn't what I wanted my family to look like.  I guess that's why Momastry's post really struck me.  Rarely do our families live up to the shiny sparkly families that are advertised on every station and in every magazine.  We are all a bunch of messy, broken humans trying to get through life.  I accept all of my family and their messiness.  I just wish those messes didn't have to hurt so much.
Praying for peace and joy for your family this Christmas.
Please remember the reason we celebrate - the gift of God in human form - He came to this messy world so we could know a better place.
Blessings to you and yours.


  1. As I told my youngest daughter once, when she was claiming our family was soooooo dysfunctional--I said, "EVERY family is dysfunctional. It's how a normal family is!"
    Merry Christmas Melissa, love you and pray for God's continued blessings on you.

  2. I love your posts. I wish I hadn't been hiding under a rock for so long and read this earlier. It is SO TRUE! I find myself battling between dealing with our dysfunction and trying to pretend that we are perfectly normal. And then let's not forget the Mom Guilt about my kids having a fractured family and harder life than the "normal" family. The holidays seem to be the breeding ground for the guilt.

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