Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Still Learning Something New

I learned something today.  Well, maybe even two things.  I learned that just when I get sucked in to believing a senior in high school is making strides to do better, he will oversleep and crush my dreams of a smooth week (this being the first day of school for the week - Happy Birthday, Mr. President(s)).  Second, and completely unrelated, I learned that I have many gifts to give the world, but giving blood is not one of them.  I have always hated to have my blood drawn because I have ridiculously small and hidden veins.  However, a dear teach to my LT spoke once about the difference giving blood can make, and after he died of pancreatic cancer, I put my fears aside and went to give blood.  I've successfully done so 14 times since then.  However, the past 3 times, the whole scene has resulted in a horrible bruise, my vein closes, and no blood donation.  I leave feeling bad, the worker taking it feels bad, and so pooh.  I will find some other way to use my gifts for others.   I think this means I should knit some more adorable baby hats for the children's hospitals.  That is a lot less painful use of needles!

On other fronts, I've been stressing about LT, and his lack of academic performance.  He continues to underwhelm me, and now I've begun worrying about him paying for college.  According to the "estimator" we are supposed to contribute 1/3 of our annual income to his college costs next year.  I don't know who wrote that algorithm, but I'm betting he didn't do well in math.  That's more than twice our budget for our house payment.  Seriously?  The world is so screwed up.

Ah well, ever onward.  This too shall pass. And all that Jazz.


  1. Yes--I use to make baby hats and afghans for the baby's at the hospital ANd hats for chemo patients to wear--I like this better than getting blood drawn!!! Who says you have to pay for his college? Is that the way it is nowadays? Two of my kids went and both put themselves through with scholarships/grants/jobs. Times have changed I guess.

  2. I can't give blood, my blood sugar takes a dive and I pass out....just before I pass out they run at me with a donut and a coke, imploring me to EAT! DRINK! QUICK! It's actually kind of funny.

    LT - I wish I had an answer for you. Have you taken him to a counselor? Perhaps there's something eating away at him? As you know, both of my sons had things going on that created behavior like LT's when they were that age. I feel for you, it's so hard.