Monday, February 10, 2014

Finally. Not What I Expected!

So the turmoil between Jack and LT continues.  It is like being in a small hole with a live grenade.  I'm over it, and don't understand why they can't just get along.  But that's not to be.  So I keep praying.  And I know God is still in control, but really - it's been a rough week.  Along with that warring in our home, LT is not doing too hot in school, although he only needs 2 classes to graduate, I think it would be prudent to do well, or as well as he can! in all of them before college.  You know, as a dress rehearsal kind of thing - eegads he makes me nuts.
The real weird/rough thing is that I received word 3rd party, that my ex-husband has passed away.  This is the most bizzare of things (well in the last 4-5 years, anyway).  I don't know how to feel about it.  Mostly I feel relieved, and at first I felt guilty because of it.  But now, I have decided that it's just a feeling.  I'm relieved that we no longer have to fear that some how, some way, he will find out where we live and show up at our doorstep.  That is how Maggie feels too, and she's the one I'm most relieved for.  LT is just confused about how he feels too.  He remembers him a bit better, as he was 6 the last time he saw the biological donator.  I truly would never change anything that brought me those two kiddos, so I know that somewhere in my past I did have feelings for him, the person I married.  But thankfully, I could see when he was harming us and got out of there before too much more damage could be done.  And for that person, I'm glad we don't have to be in fear any longer.
Jack continues with his passive-aggressive, unreasonableness. It is hard some days to look past the alcoholic in the room and see the man who is kind and caring and loving.  In the last few days, I could have really used the man I married.  Hmmmm I see a pattern here.  My ex was an alcoholic and drug abuser, but I didn't know it until AFTER, much after, I figured out all the other stuff.  I'm so glad I've found Al-Anon.  For all of our sakes.
Let Go and Let God.
One Day at A Time
Serenity Prayer
Thank you God for your faithfulness.
Now on to the next thing...please keep LT in your thoughts - that he may finally "get" the whole lying vs. truth, and honesty is the best etc.  Also, that somehow, with all of this drama, he can really excel as he is capable of so he can feel his future come true.
I'm so exhausted - this life is heavy right now.
Love to all.

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  1. Another of my blog friends ex passed away--she too had mixed feelings, although they did part nicely, which makes it much different. I think if my ex passed, I would cry and feel weird. We were high school sweethearts and we did have a few good years and lots of fun family activities--until he discovered horse racing and drinking. But I will always remember how handsome he was in the 11th grade and how much I adored and loved him. We do see each other once or twice a year and are friendly, will make me sad if he dies before I do (except my Social Security monthly benefit will go up) LOL I feel bad for LT--if he can't stay motivated to get these last few months of high school out of the way, how is he going to do in college with no supervision? I have been saying a lot of "You handle it, God" lately. I guess we have to have that faith to get through this hard life?