Friday, December 7, 2012

Groundhog December

You may or may not have gone backwards in reading my blog (all 5 people :o)), but I just had an inspiration to look at last year's posts.  You may remember this.  I didn't remember until I re-read it, however...I don't need to write a post for what is going on today, because you can read that one and still be caught up to date.  The exact same place, only 9 days earlier.  Just like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.
Jack is back in the spare bedroom, and frankly, I can't say I'm sad about that.  If he's going to act like an idiot, I'm okay with him doing it away from me.  There was a new development.  Last night when I got home after working late, there was crap all over the bed and floor in that room.  It looked like the closet (which we use for storage of unused items) had exploded.  Then there was a horrible grinding noise.  I went to see what was up - and he was drilling a hole in the closet wall - saying he was moving a shelf.  The shelving system is the type with the pre-drilled holes where you insert pegs and rest the shelf on the pegs.  I'm not sure where you would drill a half-inch hole in that, but okay.  I just said be careful.
Detachment.  Yes, I'm learning to really love detachment.  It is becoming my friend instead of a dreaded stranger.
I will still never understand how he can just come and go with his "participation" in our family.  Next week should be an interesting experience as we have a meal with his dad and step-mom who live about 2 hours away and we haven't seen in 4 years.  I'm sure THAT will be really fun.  At least it should provide good blog material.
Another year older, and getting out of denial and craziness.  Now that is a good thing.


  1. I'm glad you are able to detach and not let this affect you, I just wish you didn't have to have these experiences at ALL.

  2. Yeah--me too!!! (What T-Shirt said.)

    Okay--I just gotta explode--DAMMIT--YOU ARE SUCH A WONDERFUL WOMAN!!! YOU NO WAY DESERVE ANY OF THIS!!! Sorry---

  3. Please don't apologize. Getting out of denial is all part of healing I need to stop mourning what I wish was, and what I know COULD BE, and realize what is. For the first time, I discussed with a friend if we could make it sharing a house or large apartment. Sorry if I was sounding sorry for myself. I Love my dear readers.

  4. It's funny how we can lose track of time and when things happen, and then you look at something and it reminds you that nothing has changed. Crazy and stupid things still happen. Poor decisions don't just happen when they are drinking. They are idiots even when sober. I stopped saying things because it wasn't worth the fight. No amount of REASON is going to change their mind. It only serves to make us C-R-A-Z-Y. You are doing great! Keep up the good work of letting go. It's healthy whether you are together or apart.