Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another hot one

It's another incredibly hot, dry day in the neighborhood.  Seriously, I'm starting to feel like a lizard.  Ick!  Pretty calm here, and that is probably my favorite adjective ever to describe life.  Jack took all three kids to an amusement park and they spent the night in a hotel.  Can you say - happy mama!  They called and it sounds like they're having a blast - so glad to hear that!  I spent the time with a nap after work, snack food for dinner and reading before bed.  It was divine.
Jack's doctor's appointment (what I know of it) went well.  He was not 100% revealing about what was discussed, but he did attempt to cut down on his intake of alcohol for the past week or so.  I don't know what the liver function test results were, but I know he's not going to tell me!  LT likes his job, and I'm so glad.  Unfortunately, I busted him again trying to over-ride the electronics rules and controls, so I don't think the permit will be happening any time soon.  I wish he would learn the lesson about lying v. truth.  Seriously - get it already.
Reading a book, Calling Invisible Women.  It's kind of amusing, but not in a laugh-out-loud kind of funny.  I'm enjoying it, nonetheless. I think people today are missing so much with all of the electronics (yes, memaw has arrived and stolen my blog).  I LOVE reading.  I love how you can be transported to a time and place and forget the world.  It's an escape that TV/movies, etc. don't give me, personally.
Ready to begin a new knitting project too.  I wonder when it's time to retire.  I have too many fun things to do to work all day! 
God's blessings are everywhere - just look!


  1. No kids for the night...that's always a little piece of heaven here on earth...and reading, my passion. Lucky you!

  2. When I married my husband I was 20 and he was 27. I had no experience with alcohol and so I didn't smell it or notice anything really. That was the man I got to know..the one who had a few beers before I saw him. He had been through rehab in the military twice before we got married and again I was young and stupid. Ha! After we got married the nightly drinking stopped, but he would binge drink now and then. He did that every couple of months off and on for 14 years.
    A couple years ago we had a situation in which a neighbor called (neighbor has since apologized and said it was a misunderstanding on his part, but still) and threatened both my husband and our child. During that phone call the neighbor threatened to come to our house and assault him. The next day when I came home my husband said he wasn't drinking anymore. He wasn't drinking anymore because he was very temperamental when he was drunk (never was physically abusive, but not fun nonetheless) and he said he realized if he had been drinking that he would have told the neighbor to come on over and one of them probably would have ended up dead or badly hurt. He had poured out or given away all of the alcohol and written notes on a pieces of paper that he keeps in an empty vodka bottle. The notes are about things that alcohol had a part in...fights, arguments, embarrassing things etc. It has been 2 years. He has struggled now and then. He had to alter his circle of friends to ones that didn't have the same behavior. But he did it and he did it on his own. It is a relief not to have to hold my breath and wonder when the other shoe was going to drop. Not sure why I wrote all of that and I hope it makes sense...I guess just to share that there is hope.

    1. Thank you so much for your reply. It means alot to have hope. This weekend has been a difficult one, and it was just what I needed to read. Thank you for sharing.