Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One Day at A Time, Let Go & Let God

We have been in this cycle of insanity for almost two weeks now. It is starting to get worse. The alcoholic is now treating the kids badly too. Who is it that thinks it is okay to just opt out of the life you sought. You no longer have any responsibilities or worries - you can just stop??? I guess that is an alcoholic's brain that thinks like that. Well, the focus is to be on the day at hand. If you think too much about the insanity you are in, you will in fact go insane. It is supposed to snow today - I say God, open your doors of snow and let it fall. Bring some beauty to this ugly world. Cover all the ugliness and dirtiness with beautiful whiteness. It can be so crisp and delightful. Remember to laugh with the children's laughs - to love them no matter what is going on around. Even if our home is no longer a haven - our family is a haven where we are still loved. Thank you God for that. God, I have asked for whatever it takes to get the alcoholic's attention, to bring him healing. I pray now that you will give me the strength through your holy spirit to wait upon you with complete trust and patience. The alcoholic is going to do what ever he is going to do. I am helpless, but not hopeless.

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  1. Hey Girl-keep going with this. Tell your story, vent, breathe