Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It's July already?

I can't believe it's July already.  How does this summer keep rushing by?  I'm doing better with the depression.  Glad that the sun is out most days.  That seems to be helping.  Tomatoes are on the plants - just waiting to turn yellow, then orange then red.  When the tiny ones pop out now, I grab them and eat them before I can get to the house!  So delicious.
Maggie & LT went on a retreat.  It was glorious to have a peaceful house for a few days.  Then they were back, and LT is back with the grands.  Maggie has taken on the 16 y-o angst and irritation identity.  She can leave that where she found it.  I've had enough already.  If she thinks she's going to drive a car while talking the way she is now - um, forget.it.
Jack is Jack.  Some days good, some days less great.  I guess I'm the same way.  I hope I'm not treating him the way he treats me, but honestly, some days it takes all I have to be civil.  Courteous.  And it also feels like he and Maggie are ganging up on me.  There's a chapter in one of my books that talks about that phenomenon.  I'm going to have to re-read.  It never really applied to me until now. 
Still praying that we will find the money for LT to go to college.  I'm still so angry at their biological father.  I can't believe he didn't leave them anything at his death.  I hope his parents are enjoying their money.  They can go on another cruise, or buy a house in Florida now.  It's always been about the money and it always will be.
Sorry for the negative thoughts today. It's just where I am.  I still believe all things will work out. I trust in my God.  I believe in Him.  (Please help me in my unbelief.) (Mark 9:24)


  1. Getting cut out of the Will for someone who really needs it, so the money can go to the people who are rich already? Ah yes! L.T. will honestly appreciate his education if he has to work for it--keep up his grades and really be there to learn a career. Wouldn't it be the nicest thing if the biological grand parents decided to help their grandson? Yeah--I know. Ain't happening! Wish I had the money--I'd help him.

  2. Sometimes life just overwhelms, but I know from experience that there is always something better right around the corner.

    I am SO glad I no longer have to deal with teens. Yikes! That alone could wear a person down.

    Big Hugs

  3. I told my mom last night that I am not loving my life right now. She said, "Teenagers are no fun." I think I'm glad that I'm single because the boys only have each other to gang up on me with and they rarely see eye to eye. I think my dad and I ganged up on my mom. I feel pretty bad about that now. Obviously, payback is hell.
    Are you reading books on teens? SHARE PLEASE!

    1. Actually, that is a good idea. I have the Have a Better Teenager by Friday (or something like that) - it really helped with my son. I believe I need to get it back out for daughter! I apologized to my mom the other day - for acting anything like this to her - she said she didn't remember it, but that was time being good to her for surviving. LoL